BHM logo on YouTube coming every Monday

BHM logo is dedicated to Black History Month coming each Monday with YouTube.

February is going on, and its Black History Month, where YouTube is prominently denoting the event. The YouTube logo that shows up on the website and mobile apps is reimagining for BHM this month by Black artists explaining that at YouTube, they believe in power different perspectives and voices, they are beginning Black History Month where four Black artists will highlight this Black History Month.

They will carry their creative abilities to the YouTube logo. On the first Monday of this February, there was the BHM with YouTube from a Black artist, and this logo will appear the whole month. It shows up in the upper left corner of the Home feed on the desktop web, Android, and iOS. The format appears to be the red play logo near the red play logo. YouTube isn’t featuring itself, though it seems for both logged in and signed out users, replacing the Premium badge for subscribers.

Additionally, users see a featured card of “Celebrate Black History” on mobile in their feeds, and if you click on that, it opens a “Voices of Black Creativity” playlist. Meanwhile, the Chrome New Tab page and the google homepage have a URL linked to efforts of google – Celebrating Black history makers, pioneers, and future leaders.

Brazilian-based artistc, letterer, and art director Leandro Assis created the first BHM YouTube logo. When asked why this design behind it, Assis explained that he got this idea inspiring to make this piece were actually the Black people around him. The importance and meaning of our hair, the rhythms we make, the way of dance, and the beauty of our diverse skin tones.

The second logo in the BHM series of YouTube is by Keisha Okafor, a North Carolina-based artist and designer. Okafor said that he was inspired by this piece by a love of math, and I also wanted to celebrate Black women throughout history, especially in the STEM field. He added that he wanted to ensure it was featured in a way that they don’t generally think of creativity, such as a ballet slipper, or even without a paint brush, it can still be creative.

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